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Hit The Gym!

Here we go again…

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Christmas has been and gone, leaving us all substantially heavier and even unhealthier, the New Year (and accompanying New Year’s resolutions) are looming… so it’s come down to the crunch (or several hundred crunches to get that waistline back). It’s make or break time (even though you promise yourself that this year you’re not going to break your New Year’s resolutions!)

You’ve been overindulging generally. There’s been a string of birthdays and now that six-pack is looking more like a case. There’s more parties to come, but it’s going to take a miracle to get you looking your best.

The seasons are changing, you’ve switched to soup and comfort foods, and then all of a sudden, along comes Halloween to really challenge all of your best intentions. Too many treats, and now here comes the trick… are you really ready to face your dentist?

Summer time and the living’s easy… we wish! With summer comes swimsuits, and you want to be trim to hit the beach.

No matter your response, the solution is that it’s time to hit the gym. Year-round fitness is a valuable asset for your health, and an annual membership for your local gym is a sure-fire way to ensure that you’re looking and feeling your best for all the seasons. With everyone in the know recommending exercise at least three times a week, gym membership is a simple solution. You don’t need to be a loud and proud gym junkie, but neither do you need to slink about the premises in dark glasses. Especially if the weather’s glum, working out is a way to have fun! Exercise is proven to release endorphins, which makes you happy, and you’re sure to have a new take on life with improved cardio-vascular ability, as well as a trimmed and toned body.

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