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Alternating Aerobic Anaerobic Exercise

Question: Being athletic but desk bound, I am mostly trying to lose fat and as a side benefit gain strength and endurance in the most efficient manner using a heart rate monitor. I can't seem to find workout info geared toward fat loss. Should I train in the aerobic zone each day? Should I alternate Aerobic Zone with Anaerobic Zone interval days and Weight Control Zone days? Flabby Mon

Answer: Dear Flabby Mon, The alternating plan will produce the best results in fat loss and cardiovascular conditioning. Your lactate threshold (and VO2 max) will be challenged in such a way that it will rise to a higher level. By giving yourself active rest days (in the weight control zone), you're allowing your body to recover and also avoiding injury. It won't hurt you to train in the aerobic zone every day, but your fitness level won't progress as much. Check out the articles section for in-depth information.

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