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Bee Pollen Supplement Review
Health Benefits of Bee Pollen

Did you know that bee pollen is one of nature’s most perfectly complete and nutritionally dense foods? Scientists have proven that a person can survive on nothing but water and bee pollen and maintain very good health. Bee Pollen is considered by many experts to be the world’s oldest health food, providing such benefits as increases in stamina, mental clarity, sexual potency, longevity and increased red blood cell count, to name just a few.

Scientists all over the world agree that regular consumption of bee pollen will considerably prolong a person’s life span. In Russia, all of the people who are 125 or more years old (yes, one hundred and twenty five years old!) eat bee pollen and bee pollen dense honey as the main part of their diet. It is clear to see that a person interested in good health should seek out the most pure and potent bee pollen available. Unfortunately with world pollution at an all time high, much of the bee pollen available now is contaminated to some degree by pollutants. However…

In the Western Australia bush region there exists the most ultra pure, unpolluted Super Potent Bee Pollen in the world. The bees in this area produce more pollen per hive than any other in the world, and the nutritional potency of this Super Bee Pollen is higher than any other bee pollen available. Knowing that Western Australia's Super Bee Pollen gives their athletes the winning edge in competition, Russians buy up most of the Australian pollen harvest. We buy the rest for use in Star Stuff.

In America, there is only one source for the ultra pure, super potent bee pollen from Western Australia: Star Stuff. The makers of Star Stuff knew from the beginning that the amazing nutritional value of Australia’s Super Bee Pollen would make it a key ingredient in their secret formulation. However, each grain of pollen has a double-walled husk surrounding it that allows the human body to digest only about 3% or 4% of bee pollen in its granular form during its normal cycle.

In the preparation of Star Stuff, by a world exclusive proprietary method called the Triple Hydroxy Process, the granules of pollen are converted back into the original form as found in nature, so that full digestibility of the pure pollen inside the husk is attained without in any way damaging or destroying the life force of the product, thereby allowing rapid absorption and ultra potency.

With the combination of Super Bee Pollen, wheatgrass juice, and Australian rare fruits and wildflowers, the makers of Star Stuff have created the most pure, potent, 100% bio available whole food nutrition ever made. Just one teaspoon per day fulfills every nutritional requirement for the brain and body. More information about Star Stuff and the special “Triple Hydroxy Process” we use to maximize the nutrient absorbency level from Super Bee Pollen can be found on our website www.starstuffworld.com

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