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Benefits of Strength Training for Everyone

Whether you like Arnold or not, he was directly responsible for helping the sport of bodybuilding to come out of the shadows. Over 50 years ago when Arnold started talking about the health benefits of pumping iron sport science did not exist. But since extensive research on the benefits of weight training began the advantages of training with weights continue to pour out.

50 years later science has conclusively proven that the benefits from weight training are more than strengthening muscle and bones. Research now clearly shows us that having more lean muscle in your body improves a wide range of problems. From improving cognitive functioning, lowering diabetes risk, reducing depression to boosting good cholesterol, and generally increasing the immune system and overall health and well-being.

Kent Adams, who is the director of the physiology lab at Cal State Monterey Bay clearly states that strengthening muscles on a regular basis will have a ripple effect, directly affecting the whole body affecting the metabolic syndrome impeding development of sarcopenia, which is an age related shrinkage of all musculoskeletal systems.

When Arnold started making an appearance the world became exposed to bodybuilding and weight-lifting for the first time. Bodybuilding slowly started to come out of the closet of just being a bizarre subculture with men posing in their underwear to a worldwide phenomenon that directly improves the participants’ ability to compete and live a healthy productive life. When the athletic world realized training with weights creates a much better athlete who is faster and stronger. All athletes from football to track could see a radicle difference in performance, including benefits for other sports like golf, tennis and cycling or running.

Science now clearly shows us that training with weights on a regular basis will stop the predicted muscle loss happening to all of us after 40 years old. Males lose 1% of their lean body mass every year after 40 and weight training seems to be the only way to stop this sarcopenia.

Women training with weights can directly affect the chances of getting osteoporosis as it strengthens the bone, increasing bone density in a measurable way.

Weight training improves other parameters, from increasing cardiovascular capacity to making your metabolism more efficient in dealing with the food you eat. Muscle burns fat and strengthens the body’s immune system and its ability to resist the impact of eating highly processed foods and resistance to disease.

Weight training does not need to be intense training to failure in order to see these benefits. A study done in 2010 clearly proved that moderate weight training on a regular basis by women over 65 showed a dramatic improvement in cognitive function.

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