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Best Energy Supplement without Jitters

Question: Awesome website!! Had my 3rd child 8 mo. ago. I'm 5 feet, weigh 134. I'm currently taking an energy supplement and running 30 min. 5 x's a week. This makes me feel jittery. Should I stop taking them? I want to take supplements to help me get toned while working out. What other exercises do you recommend? I want to weigh at least 121 by July. Can I do it?

Answer: You can quit taking the supplement, unless you enjoy feeling jittery. "Toned" just means a reduction of body fat revealing the muscles that are already there, which should happen if you continue what you're already doing. A good supplement would be Get Lean Quick it works great without the jitters. It's great that you can take the time to run 5 days a week. Three kids probably give you quite a workout even during your non-workout hours. Use the running time to calm down and enjoy spending time to yourself. Exercising in order to reach a certain weight is rarely successful. Aiming for 121 may set you up to feel like a failure if you don't happen to reach it. Run to feel good, and your weight will go down.

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