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Best High Fiber Low Fat Snacks

Question: I'm into the high fiber, low fat diet, and I was wondering what snacks you would suggest? Are low/no fat pretzels any good? Even if they're salted? How about the cereal 'honey combs'? I usually eat them straight out of the box, not with milk. Do you think there is too much sugar in them to make them a bad snack? Thank you very much, T.S.

Answer: T.S., Fruits and raw vegetables are good high-fiber snacks. Pretzels are a whole lot better than many snacks you might choose, but, like you said, they're very high in salt, no fiber and no real nutritive value. The cereal is pretty much the same, except replacing the salt with lots of sugar (calories). It would be better to spend the calories you consume on nutrient dense foods.

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