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Best Way to Lose 5 Pounds Fast

Question: What is the best way to lose 5 pounds in a hurry? Jane

Answer: Jane, The fastest you can lose five pounds safely is in about two and a half weeks -- that is, if you're doing everything correctly: drinking lots of water, eating at least three balanced meals a day and not overeating, exercising cardiovascularly at low-to-medium intensity, decreasing the amount of salt in your diet. Personally, I notice faster results when I cut bread, rice, pasta and such out of my diet. But you must be sure to still get your daily carbohydrate nourishment mostly from vegetables and some fruit. I usually don't advise people to cut any one food out of their diets completely, but in this case, for a specific goal like yours, you can temporarily stop eating these foods. When you start eating them again, choose whole grain bread, rice and pasta instead of the nutrient-deficient white versions of those foods.

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