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Best Way to Lose Weight in 3 Months

Question: Hi, I am a 16-year-old male and I am trying to lose weight. For the past couple of days I have cut down a lot on junk food, and its summer here so I would like to look a little better before my senior year of high school starts, can you just give me some tips and exercise moves that I can do everyday to help me lose weight over these next 3 months? I would really appreciate it--Thanks So MUCH!!!! John

Answer: John, It's good you've cut down on junk food. Now go ahead and cut it all out. You're 16, so you have a high caloric requirement to meet your nutritional needs and there's no room for junk. In addition to eating healthfully, take up an aerobic sport, such as running, soccer, or swimming to help burn fat. You can do these things every day. Also, please see the beginner's workout page in the Articles section of this site for daily strength-training exercises you can do.

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