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How to Build an Exercise Step Box

Build Exercise Step Box

Build a Simple Wooden Step

2 pieces of 2 X 6 X 39"
2 pieces of 2 X 6 X 12"
1 piece of 5/8" CDX plywood, 39" x 15"
12 3-1/2" #10 decking screws
20 1-1/2" #6 or #8 drywall screws
Scrap carpet to cover
Carpet tacks, or hammer-tacker and 5/8" staples

Assemble a simple 39" X 15" box, using the decking screws to hold the 2x6 members together, and the drywall screws to hold the plywood on top. Sand off the edges to a rounded profile (prevents cutting the carpet up if you step on an edge). Cut and fit the carpet to cover, and tack it down.

This makes a 6" (approx) step. For an 8", use 2 X 8, and for a 4", use 2 X 4 instead of the 2 X 6.

You may wish to add some additional bracing, in the form of more 2 X 6, but remember that the step should absorb some of the energy with a little "bounce". If you need more rigidity to the top, you might consider going to 3/4" plywood, instead of bracing.

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