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Calorie King Review
Diet Diary for Palm OS by Calorie King

Calorie King’s Diet Diary for Palm OS is the perfect addition to your diet plan. Thanks to Kevin Doel I recently got to test drive this impressive product. What was most noticeable about Diet Diary was the extensive database of food that it incorporates. I found things in there that I really thought I wouldn’t; ranging from an organic soup that my supermarket carries to my favorite cereal. Even if an item was found not to be in the food database it is extremely easy to add in the "My Foods" section and create your own information for some newer products or variations that your supermarket may carry.

The first step is putting in your weight, height, and goal of maintaining weight, losing weight or gaining weight. Once that step is accomplished, the program gives you an ideal calorie count to shoot for. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks are quickly added and as you put in your food for the day, calories are quickly subtracted. I’ll warn you now, certain takeout and restaurant food can have some major (calorie) sticker shock.

Also in your daily list is an "Exercise" category. Unlike Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Snacks, these calories are subtracted off your total eaten for the day. It quickly allows for the tracking of how much exercise you are getting daily and offsets your calorie total by adding in how many calories have been burnt off with various exercises. Its database is also fairly extensive and also has the option of creating your own information under "My Exercises". It makes it easy to see how many minutes on the treadmill that slice of chocolate cake cost you.

Over time you can update your weight to have your new calorie targets updated allowing for the continuation of your weight goals. This program also allows you to keep track of the amount of fluids you take in daily to make sure you are getting your 8 glasses a day.

My favorite feature was the charts and graphs which allows the tracking over time how well goals are kept for calories; weight; fluid intake; etc. The visual aspect makes it very easy to comprehend where things are going right and wrong. Another great aspect is that the program also allows you to track Carbohydrates, Fat, Fiber, & Protein which in turn allows flexibility depending on what key factors are important in your individual diet plan.

Overall, Diet Diary is very good for helping to kick start a new diet program or to find out what’s going on with one already in progress. Given this program is on your handheld (I used my Treo 650); it is easy to keep track of what is being eaten and enter as it happens; an important key to diet success as tracking all your calories is important because even little things start to quickly add up. The database is rather large but can easily be installed to your SD card which means the overall program has a smaller footprint on the handheld. The large database also means there is less likelihood of needing to enter things manually; another key to diet success as one is less likely to keep track of calories the harder it is. Best of all for the space front, over time the need to know what was eaten a year is probably small so the program includes the ability to purge entries over "x" days; where you determine "x". This in turn shrinks the size of the data sitting on your handheld.

I found this to be an excellent addition to my Treo and more importantly an excellent helper application for my tracking my diet. A free two week trial is available at Calorie King’s web site www.calorieking.com . I recommend trying it out. You may find it is exactly what you need for your diet plans too.

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