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Calories Required in a Day

The number of calories you need to eat each day is determined by how much energy you need to maintain your lean mass and the internal functions of your body's processes (heart beating, lungs inhaling and exhaling, cell metabolism, any life-supporting function).

Your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is the rate at which your body spends energy for maintenance activities each hour. You can learn how to calculate your own BMR using the instructions below, or use a free online calculator.

How to calculate your BMR:

A) Divide your weight by 2.2 ( = your weight in kilograms)
Multiply that number by the BMR factor (1 for a man, .9 for a woman)
Multiply that number by 24 (for hours in a day)
This is your BMR.

B) Add that number to your activity level, which is:
Sedentary = 40-50% of your BMR
Light activity = 55-65% of your BMR
Moderate activity = 65-75% of your BMR
Heavy activity = 75-100% of your BMR
This is your activity level energy requirements.

C) Add the numbers from A and B together.
This is your daily calorie requirement.
You need to eat at least this much to maintain your current body weight.
To lose weight, cut about 500 calories per day (for a 2,000 calorie-per-day diet).

BMR Calculation Examples:

Jack weighs 190 pounds and has a moderate activity level:
Jack's BMR = (190/2.2)*1*24 = 2,072 calories
Jack's Activity level lower limit = 2,072*.65 = 1,347 calories
Jack's Activity level upper limit = 2,072*.75 = 1,554 calories
Jack's Calories per day = 3,419-to-3,626 calories

Jill weighs 120 pounds and has a heavy activity level:
Jill's BMR = (120/2.2)*.9*24 =1,178  calories
Jill's Activity level lower limit = 1,178*.75 = 884 calories
Jill's Activity level upper limit = 1,178*1 = 1,178 calories
Jill's Calories per day = 2,062-to-2,356 calories

BMR calculations are average estimations. Your actual BMR fluctuates, depending on these factors:

Age - younger people have a higher BMR. Older people have less lean mass.
Height - tall, thin people have a higher BMR.
Growth - children and pregnant women have a higher BMR.
Body Composition - people with more lean tissue have a higher BMR.
Fever - fever increases your BMR.
Stress - stress increases your BMR.
Inside/Outside Temperature - heat and cold both raise your BMR.
Fasting - lowers your BMR.

How many calories you burn doing different exercises
This page shows you the number of calories you burn for 20 minutes participation in different exercises.
Activity Calories
Leisurely Walk 80
Dancing 120
Cycling 160
Running 90
Aerobics 140
Weights 140
Cleaning 50
Driving 35
Activity Calories
Swimming 100
Tennis 120
Rowing 200
Golf 45
Circuit Training 260
Skipping 100
Gardening 160
Skiing 130

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