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Can You Do Toning Exercises Everyday

Question: Love your site! My question involves consecutive days of toning. I have a 10-minute lower body toning video (squats, plies, etc., no weights) and would like to do this each day along with a set of push-ups. This would be in addition to my regular strength training routine (circuit training, 2-3 times/week). Is this safe, or will it place too much stress on my muscles? Thanks! Kelly

Answer: Kelly, You need a day of rest between each weights workout. Giving your body rest not only lets your muscles rebuild, but it also prevents burnout by giving you a mental break. Your best bet would be to rest (from weights, including body weight exercises) between days of strength training. Doing cardio on your off days will do much more for "toning" than extra training. Burning off the fat that sits on top of your muscles will make them more defined.

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