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Can't Lose Weight No Watter What I Do

Question: No matter what I do I don't lose weight. I'm a 18 year old who's 5'5", 175, and has a medium frame. I'm a female so I know my average weight is suppost to be about 125. I have 29% body fat but am still really active. I play basketball and run track, but I won't be doing that this year due to work, yet I still jog and do sprint work at night. I have a heavy fruit and vegetable diet. I stay away from sweets but am still big as ever, what should I do? Debbie

Answer: Debbie, Trying getting more protein into your diet and cutting back a little on the fruits (fruit is very high in sugar and calories). Overeating fruit is just as bad as overeating anything else. All extra calories are stored as fat, no matter where they came from.

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