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Weights vs Cardio
Weights or Cardio First?

By Scott White


Cardio weights for fast weight loss. If my main goal is to lose weight, which makes more sense . . . cardio first or lifting weights first? I've heard both sides, but never know who's right.

Scott Responds

Cardio or weights for quick weightloss? Not all exercise is created equal. Cardio exercise, for example, is very good for the health and proper working condition of your heart and of course there is a benefit to this form of exercise. A heart that isn't fit and healthy will lead to a shortened lifespan. However, those in search of exercise to aid with fat-burning and weight loss are much better served by weight training. Weights Before Cardio

Weight training a better choice for fat loss and weight reduction because it builds muscles, and strong muscle mass is needed to achieve lasting fat loss and weight reduction. What do muscles have to do with fat loss? Do they "chew up" and "spit out" the fat? And doesn't muscle-building actually cause you to weigh more and your body to appear even larger? Muscles don't do the chewing or getting rid of fat, but they do assist by providing the energy that your metabolism (your fat-chomping machine) needs to burn fat quickly. Muscles accelerate the fat-eliminating capacity of your metabolism, causing rapid fat loss, weight reduction, and improved health. It is true that muscles "weigh" more than fat and so when you begin a weight-training routine, you may experience an initial weight gain. Fear not, as the more fat loss that occurs, the more quickly your body weight will readjust its weight. You can also afford to weigh more if that weight is muscle instead of fat. Weight from muscle does not lead to the disastrous medical conditions and diseases that having too much fat does. Weight training is simply an amazing fat-loss tool for those who want to lose fat and gain health. Weight training is a complete workout for the body, for your complete health. It also helps your newly developing muscles obtain shape, definition, and tone, for the "chiseled and fit" physique you desire. If you've been searching for the best form of exercise to accelerate your fat loss, weight-training is the exercise that can get the job done!

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