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CortiSlim Review
CortiSlim Diet Weight Loss Pill

CortiSlim: A Weight Loss Diet Pill Alternative

Frustrated with your weight? Why don’t you try CortiSlim? CortiSlim is the popular choice these days as more and more people are seeking weight loss diet pills. There is one particular reason that the CortiSlim was developed, the idea that stress causes your body to overproduce a stress hormone known as “cortisol”, the cause of so many weight problems.

Current Studies

According to certain studies, elevated cortisol levels compromise other hormones, including serotonin, insulin, and DHEA. It also decreases our metabolism, increases hunger and cravings, imbalances blood sugar levels, and then signals the body to store excess fat. Fortunately, the CortiSlim is formulated for these things not to happen.

Product Description

CortiSlim is an all natural dietary supplement that works with your body’s metabolism to control the cortisol levels within a healthy range, helping you lose weight. As it modulates the levels of cortisol in the body, the CortiSlim minimizes one of the primary physiological signals for weight gain. And, aside from helping to control the cortisol levels, this powerful weight loss product also provides all natural ingredients that help balance the blood sugars in the body, so to reduce cravings and hunger. It even maximizes metabolism to boost energy expenditure as well as fat burning.

CortiSlim is manufactured in FDA and cGMP certified laboratories with the strictest standards of quality assurance. According to its proponents, every ingredient contained in this weight loss product is carefully screened and selected by experts for highest quality and absorption factor for an optimum cortisol level control. Unlike the other weight loss diet pills, the CortiSlim does not contain ephedrine.

CortiSlim Ingredients

CortiSlim is made of fat buster ingredients. These ingredients include: cortiplex cortisol control blend, which is actually a mixture of magnolia bark extract, beta-sitosterol, and theanine, leptiplex blend from green tea extract and bitter orange peel extract, insutrol blend or mixture of banaba leaf extract and vanadium, calcium, chromium and Vitamin C.

Directions for Usage

Since CortiSlim is a dietary supplement, take two capsules per day. One with breakfast and one with lunch. However, you can also take it as needed or as recommended by your health care professional.

For Advanced Dosages

For advanced dosage, it is suggested that you take two CortiSlim capsules per meal up to two to three times a day. But, do not exceed six capsules per day. And, for best results, it is important to follow a healthy diet and exercise plan. Before beginning any weight loss programs, consult your doctor.


As with any natural product, there will be a range of effects experienced by the users of the CortiSlim. Also, note that CortiSlim does not contain ephedrine. Every ingredient used is known to be extremely safe, especially when you are using the product as directed. In addition, CortiSlim is a dietary supplement that is known to negatively interact with any medications.

Nevertheless, if you have any existing medical conditions and are taking medication, it is best to consult with your doctor first before taking it. CortiSlim is formulated to be taken with breakfast and lunch, so you only need to take it twice a day.

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