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Cybergenics 60 Day

Total Body Building System

The Complete 60 day Program which leaves nothing to chance.

Containing 7 state of the art, technologically advanced supplements, a detailed in depth training manual, and an illustrative region free DVD.

The Cybergenics 60 day Total Bodybuilding System is based on a bedrock of extensive research into a process called Anabolic Matrix Alteration (AMA), the process which promotes unprecedented gains in Lean Body Mass. The complex translation of this into a process which can be used by everyone is the Total Bodybuilding System.

The system utilises seven synergistically developed, highly concentrated Isolate formulas, which are the cornerstone of this program. These Isolates, unlike any ordinary supplements, are pharmaceutical grade substrates, formulated to exacting specifications in a delivery system to ensure optimum bioavailability.

The precision Isolates are used in conjunction with a specialised workout, developed to ensure full integration with the supplements. This workout is the result of extensive research into the muscular development of the body, and the effect of supplementation.. because of its highly specialised nature, the workout can be brief, but intensive, averaging less than one hour, five or six times per week.

The specific effects of diet and nutrition are an integral part of the Total Bodybuilding System, however, our researchers have developed a diet of everyday foods, which when incorporated into the program, provides the specific nutrition spectrum required to fulfil the requirements of the training regimen.

A detailed manual provides precise instructions on each aspect of the training regimen, nutrition and the use of the Isolates, to provide a complete program which leaves nothing to chance, and which, together comprise a literal Bodybuilding powerhouse. A free training DVD creates a unique visual impact for the program.

The Total Bodybuilding system leaves nothing to chance, and whilst the training routines are vigorous, years of research and development ensure results. Since inception, the Total Bodybuilding System has undergone literally hundreds of refinements to ensure that it remains at the cutting edge of Bodybuilding Technology. Follow the manual exactly, and this program cannot fail.

We recommend this product for all serious athletes, and Bodybuilders from beginner to the most experienced. In just a few weeks, you will see a dramatic increase in muscle, a noticeable depletion of Body Fat, and an increase in strength and stamina levels.

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