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A peek into Daniel Craig's Workout
How Did He Get So Lean?

In the years that James Bond has been played by different actors none has come quite as close to showing the character with lean muscle as Daniel Craig has. With all the wit and gadgets it was a refreshing surprise to boost the franchise. His lean physique is part of the reason that Daniel Craig has been able to appeal to the 21st century audience even though millennial's are known to be a picky lot. His muscle mass isn't too bulky to spoil a good official look and he pulls of a tuxedo without trying.

While training for Quantum of Solace he told the British media that he was bigger when shooting Casino Royale but he was a lot more fit now than he was then.

With all the info on the internet about the benefits of having a lean physique and the health benefits that come with it, for most of us the look counts for more. How then did he fashion his body to what it is. It takes a lot of time in the gym and as a matter of fact his trainer, Simon Watson let us in on how exactly he does it.

The workout routine

1.     Serious Exercises For The Warm Up

The exercise that he uses to warm up would prove to be a challenge for a lot of us leave alone the actual warm up. He goes for heavy work out exercises because they ease him into the work out and prolong his endurance. As part of the warm he, sometimes rows 300m and back, once at half his energy and once at three fourths.

2.     Having An Interesting Daily Routine

While gearing up for shooting Daniel developed a training routine that used an assortment of upper body workouts. The aim of his training was to build stamina and endurance so he made a point to focus on every muscle in a work out. The most important thing about such planned work outs is consistency. Since one muscle does not get as much attention as it should, skipping days isn't the best idea.

3.     Dedication To The Regime

It is the one thing that Simon Watson, the trainer, says he admires from Craig. Simon noticed the dedication early on and took advantage of it pushing Daniel Craig to his limits because he knew he would still show up the next day.

4.     Quick and Precise

The workout sessions are designed to be short and intense. The key is to do more sets and fewer reps. Quick workouts are perfect when you want the body transformation that takes you from muscle mass to shredded definition. Apart from improving stamina such regimes also improve hand eye coordination.

5.     High Protein, Supplements and Low Carbs

A typical day included lots of protein from protein shakes, fish, poached eggs, chicken, backed potatoes all accompanied by lots of vegetables. To go from lean to muscular in the span of time that Daniel Craig has to prepare for a movie is almost impossible without supplements. He used Glucosamine and Creatine cell volumizer among others to boost his efforts at the gym.

A workout regime like this usually involves a lot of cable work to maximize on intensity. The exact workouts for each muscle can be switched up a few times during a training week to allow for muscle healing.

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