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Does Not Eating after Dinner Help Weight Loss

Question: I am currently taking diet pills. I am required to take 2 caplets 1/2 hour after every meal with 12 fluid oz of water. I was wondering, when I take them after dinner, would you suggest not eating anything more till the next day? Some people have told me you can lose weight if you don't eat anything after a specified hour in the evening. Thanks, Curious in Mt

Answer: Dear Curious in Mt, I don't recommend taking diet pills. They won't help you change your eating habits permanently, which is the healthiest way to go about losing weight and keeping it off. Also, many of them are dangerous, although I don't know about this specific pill. The reason to not eat after, say, 6 p.m. is that the calories you consume later than that are less likely to be burned off by activity -- you'll be asleep and those calories will be stored as fat. Eat most of your total calories during the day, making your last meal your smallest. Keep drinking the water. You should total 8 cups per day, which is 64 ounces. See my Articles section for more information on how water helps tremendously with reaching a healthy weight.

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