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Drinking Water and Going to the Bathroom Often

Question: I have been reading through your questions and answers and am begininng to realize how important it is to drink a sufficient amount of water per day. My problem is that I work in an office and it is annoying because I have to use the restroom so much, once for almost every cup. Is this normal, or will my bladder get used to the increased amount of fluids?

Answer: I'm afraid going to the restroom is one of those annoying inconveniences you have to just do. I promise, the benefits outweigh the hassles though. Try this: instead of drinking 8 - 10 cups of water, drink 4 - 5 larger glasses (2 cups) of water...one as soon as you get up, one mid-morning, one after lunch, one after work, and one 2 hours or so before bed. You'll probably notice your trips to the bathroom will be more than usual, but that's to be expected. You'll get used to it and it won't seem like such a weird thing.

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