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Eat Apple With Skin or Without

Question: Before I eat an apple, I like to peel the skin off, not because of taste, but because I've heard reports that fruits that are not organic (treated with pesticides) cause you to die quicker, and other reports have said that as long as you clean the fruits, you've got nothing to be concerned about. To compromise, I clean the fruit, then peel the skin away in hopes of ensuring I don't get sick from pesticides. By peeling away the skin, though, am I peeling away valuable nutrients? Peter

Answer: Peter, Most of the nutrients in apples come from the skin, and peeling your apple also takes away lots of fiber. Washing apples before you eat them is enough to make them ok to eat. It also helps to buy your produce at an organic grocery store, such as Whole Foods, where they have checked to make sure pesticides are not used in the production of their food.

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