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Exercise Consistency and Motivation

When you first start exercising, motivation is not usually a problem. Setting goals, visualizing your potential body and doing new things for your health are exciting. A new you starts to unfold.

The key to continuing this metamorphosis is sticking with it!

Results may not come in the first week or even the first few weeks, but don't be discouraged. Your body just doesn't work that way. Lasting changes in body composition come slowly. What really matters is what you look and feel like after 3 to 6 months of consistent work and your state of health 2 years plus after you start working out.

Think long term, but have fun in the short term.

Down days will come. Expect 'em! The worst part about them is that they can start an avalanche of slacking off. One day of the blahs can easily breed a full week or more of the exercise ughs. This vicious cycle can taint your love of exercise…and it can become a nagging chore. Nip it early!

The best way to fight down days is to remember the high-motivation days. Think of how you feel after a great workout. Remember the elation and satisfaction you get. With that visualization, tell yourself you’ll exercise for just 10 minutes. If you still feel like pushing your workout aside, then take a break that day, and pick it back up the next day. But most likely, you'll want to keep moving.

A good way to avoid down days is to keep your workouts new and fresh. Try new exercises or classes. Try out Spinning, kickboxing, yoga, swimming… Go walking or jogging in a new location. Make a standing workout date with a friend.

Remember to keep your attitude in check. A positive outlook is armor against flakiness. If you don’t allow discouragement, it won’t sabotage your healthy intentions.

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