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Exercise Excuses and How to Beat Them

Excuses, Excuses

If you dread exercise

…you don't have to. If you think of exercise as boring, hard, and something you'd rather just not do, you can make that change.

For just about anything, there's an excuse or a negative spin you can put on it. All it takes is a shift in attitude, and the change it makes in your life is worth the efforts that initial shift takes.

Change the way you think about it. Instead of looking for excuses to avoid exercise, start looking for excuses TO exercise. I started a list for you. Please add to it. Send me your excuses TO work out:

Think of exercise as …

…getting out of the house and do something just for yourself

…a connection to new friends and social activity

…an invigorating way to tap your energy for other things in your life

…a chance to learn new skills or new interests which will enhance life

…a new medium for achievement. Accomplishing physical tasks makes the mental tasks easier

…an excuse to participate in fun activities and games as an adult

So start making excuses!

Here are some of your excuses:

From Jaye:

Excuses to work out:
1. It makes me feel good to have kept busy while all my friends are watching TV.
2. The feeling I get when I look in the mirror.
3. Going shopping and not getting depressed while trying things on.
4. I sleep better.
5. I am rarely in a bad mood after exercising.

From Claudia From Australia:

What Makes Me Exercise:
1. The look on my boyfriends face when I wear something nice.
2. The feeling I get when HE (or ANYONE) says ""gee you look good, you've lost weight!""
3. Makes me feel happy and healthy (the two things important to great self-esteem!)

From Tabatha:

The One And Only Reason Why I Walk Is:
To have time to myself. When you're married and have kids. The time alone is God Sent.

From Lorrie:

My excuse to workout??? Easy....Vanity! I like knowing that at 47, I can still be slender, fit, tone and even younger looking. It keeps me moving!
Next...my daughter. She's 10 and I enjoy rollerblading, swimming and dancing with her. It's wonderful knowing you can ALMOST keep up with your kids!

From Michelle:

1- each time I work out, I believe in my increasing strength; for some reason, that feeling of increased capable strength carries over into how I approach tasks and challenges throughout my day.
2- being strong and quick gives me independence and the means by which to jump to someone else's aid.
3- Healthy Sweat is my friend, and I only get to see her when I exercise hard.

From nbunnie:

These are some of my excuses to walk every day:
time to think
reduce stress
time to be with God
Get a suntan
Sweat out toxins

From MissMD:

The Reasons I Walk Are:
1.) It keeps me from eating during that time.
2.) I realize that there is a world outside my house.
3.) I can refresh my spirit about life.
4.) I have more energy for everyday activity.
5.) My dog loves getting out and she keeps me going.

From staying healthy in college:

The excuses for my daily exercise
1.)a breath of fresh air
2.)the sooner I get done, the sooner I can eat
3.)good time to think to yourself

From dragons2fly:

I feel powerful and attractive. I feel I can accomplish anything if I can get my exercise in.

From Lisa S:

These are excuses for my workout:
It will give me energy
It will suppress my hunger for hours afterwards
It will increase the amount of endorphins in my body making me happy
It will make me feel less like a couch potato
It will help me lose weight and feel and look great
When I've done it I can forget about it and concentrate on the more important things like getting college work done.

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