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How exercise will help you keep a positive mentality

Have you ever felt good for eating healthy or for exercising on a regular basis? You may think that your positive attitude or good health is due to you own self- perpetuation. You may also believe it is intrinsically manifested by your own initiative. You believe therefore you achieve (do you remember that old chestnut of a mantra?), This is partially true because you are completing these actions on your own accord. However, there is more scientific reasoning as to why you feel good when living a healthy lifestyle.

Your brain and body are in constant oscillation. There symbiotic relationship is intertwined through a mass of kinetic energy and chemicals.  More chemicals are released during exercise. These chemical are the direct cause of you’re positivity; chemicals such as serotonin, dopamine and endorphins. These chemicals induce you with feelings of happiness. That is why doctors prescribe exercise to patients who are diagnosed with clinical depression. It is a natural cause of positive energy.

However, lets not describe this process as purely mechanical or necessary process. It is not just a mechanical process. People who pursue fitness normally have a mental fortitude that is second to none. This is because they are pro-active. Scientific studies show that out of 50 people (half who were pro-active and half who were not pro-active), 50% of the subjects completed more tasks than others.

Ok that was a joke but every joke that is worth its salt has an element of truth within its context. Pro-active people are more likely to complete their tasks with ease and avoid stress. They will excel in areas were other don’t because they understand that work equals reward. So the constant of conscious is affected by the variable that is the individual. Therefore, mentality is subject to the individual. For example, your personality can define your career or hobbies and you can change them whenever you want. Not everything is pre-determined and our destiny is interchangeable.

So what can exercise do for you?

I believe that exercise can better your mentality in three different ways. These three different ways include:

·        Confidence

·        Engagement

·        Energy

These three points are important for anybody to enjoy their lives to the fullest.

Firstly, exercise is a song with various diminuencos and crescendos. You will have days where you feel fatigued. You will also have days where you feel empowered. Through this empowerment you can also develop your confidence. Consciousness is something that plagues us all. A study by S Dixit called, ‘A study on consciousness of adolescent girls about their body image’, concluded that adolescent girls desired to become thinner, even those that were already below the recommended weight. This is upsetting because so many of the subjects were body conscious and maybe it is because of pressure that can be perpetuated by articles such as this one. I hope not. However, I believe that exercise can nullify your self-scrutiny and make you feel confident in yourself.  I think that this is true for a number of reasons. You will feel confident because you are confident in your own abilities, both physically and psychologically. You are engaging your brain and your body and it will react more effectively because of this.

Secondly, exercise will make you more engaging both inside and outside of the gym. The study by K Fritz called ‘The effects of Moderate Aerobic Exercise on memory retention and recall’, found that subjects were much more proficient in problem solving and retaining memory after aerobic exercise. The study regards exercise as a means for enhanced intellectual properties. This is most probably because like any muscle, the brain needs stimulating. The brain is stimulated when you exercise because it works to maintain blood pressure, aid your reflexes and protect your body. Exercise switches on the computer and keeps it running. It’s your choice whether you want to log out of your account. I would highly recommend exercising regularly in short intervals if you want the benefits of better engagement within your professional life or social life.

Thirdly, exercise conditions your body to sustain strenuous activity. This is very helpful because once your body is able to sustain intense exercise. This means that you will be able to sustain your own energy levels for longer. This will make you less symptomatic to fatigue and the negative repercussions that fatigue dispels on your brain. In fact a team from the University of South Carolina founded that exercise makes you smarter by boosting energy levels in your brain.  In fact a team of physiologist from the University of South Carolina found that exercise makes you smarter by boosting energy levels in your brain. The researchers came to this conclusion after a study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology, on a group of mice. Half of the mice exercised on a small tredmill for half an hour a day. These mice had a surge in ‘Mitochondrial’ development within their brains. This DNA strand improves the signals between the synapses in your brain that leads to improved reactions times, message across your neurological pathways and engagement.  The lead doctor claimed that it was reasonable to assume this process is the same within humans and that you only have to do 30 minutes on the tredmill to see the same affects of the mice.

In conclusion, there are many benefits that exercise gifts to the mind and whether you are making positive changes in your life or you want to challenge yourself, exercise will be a supportive crutch for which you can balance on. It is important to ensure that you keep active and engaged so you can enjoy the littlethings of life. Keep positive so you can reach your peak state.

This article was written by Chris from Origym. He has a keen interest in the mind, body and soul. He likes to relax with a book or some music. He has no preference on the either. He is keen about fitness and travelling and would like to do pursue both at the same time.

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