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Exercise Quiz Questions and Answers

Test your knowledge about exercise, answer the following questions, then check your score using the correct answers at the bottom of the page.

Exercise Quiz Questions

1. Which of these is cardiovascular exercise?

A. brisk walking
B. heavy weight lifting
C. full-body stretching
D. sit-ups

2. How many cardio workouts per week (minimum) do you need to improve general health?

A. 6
B. 2
C. 3
D. 7

3. Which of these is NOT an important step in weight loss?

A. hypnosis
B. strength training
C. cardiovascular exercise
D. healthy eating

4. Which of these morning routines is best for losing weight?

A. eat a small snack, warm up, walk 40 minutes, stretch, eat an egg and toast
B. run two miles, shower, skip breakfast and go to work
C. stretch, eat cereal and milk, lunge one mile
D. drink coffee, eat a donut, watch the Weather Channel, go back to bed

5. What determines your body composition?

A. genetics
B. nutrition and exercise habits
C. body type
D. all of the above

6. If you strain a muscle exercising, what should you do?

A. push yourself to complete the exercise
B. stop and put an ice pack on the injured muscle
C. move on to another exercise
D. exercise isn't for you - join a low-fat cooking class

7. Which of these nutrients helps to build lean muscle?

A. vitamins
B. fat
C. carbohydrate
D. protein

8. What's the most important purchase when starting an exercise program?

A. stylish workout clothes
B. a stop-watch
C. an alarm clock
D. top-quality shoes

9. What's the most important meal of the day?

A. breakfast
B. lunch
C. dinner
D. midnight snack

10. Which drink provides the most complete nourishment?

A. 1% milk
B. orange juice
C. water
D. apple juice

Exercise Quiz Answers

Check yourself against the correct answers below:

1=A, 2=B, 3=A, 4=A, 5=D, 6=B, 7=D, 8=B, 9=A and 10=A

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