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Exercise to Help Prevent Shin Splints

Question: I just found your website and I am estatic! I have several questions, but I'll just present one. I love using the treadmill to walk and burn calories, but I am afflicted with terrible shin splints and have to stop after 10 minutes (maximum). I have brand new shoes and I understand that I may have weak calf or shin muscles (if there is such a thing). How can I strengthen these and how long would it take before I can get back to walking again? Thanks a million, Laila

Answer: Laila, The pain you're feeling is felt in the muscles right on the front of your shin (your anterior tibialis). You feel this because it's the muscle that lifts the front of your feet as you walk. Rub those muscles after every session and stretch them by extending your foot (pointing your toes). Keep it up and these muscles will be strengthened and pain-free very quickly. At first, you can walk several times a day until the muscles fatigue. Take a break and then do it again later. Then, as get stronger, you can increase the time spent walking each time.

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