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Exercise and Menopause

There was a time when the word was never spoken, even between a mother and daughter. Menopause, still referred to as "the change" in some circles, has now come out in to the open. It's about time. After all, a woman can expect to live one-third to one-half of her life past menopause, and these can be among the most satisfying years of her life. Part of the reason for its emergence as a hot health topic is likely due to the increasing body of information on how to manage it.

Exercise plays a key role in making the transition through menopause easier and in enhancing health, happiness and productivity during the second half of life. You can really feel better using exercise with this change of life. Make sure to see your Doctor before starting an exercise program and then consult a Degreed Personal Trainer to set up a program for you to do at home or in a gym.

How does Exercise Help Women with Menopause Exercise Helps... Reduce and prevent symptoms:

  • Hot flashes
  • Sleep disturbances, insomnia
  • Joint pain
  • Anxiety, irritability, depression

Reduce risk of:

  • Heart disease
  • Osteoporosis
  • Weight gain

Improve and increase:

  • Strength, stamina, flexibility, energy
  • Function of vital organs
  • Condition of heart, lungs and muscles

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