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Exercises to Tone Thighs and Stomach

Question: I'm gaining more and more weight every day. All I do is eat and never exercise. I'm very unhappy with my thighs and stomach. Do you know of an exercise to tone those two areas? Thanks a bunch!!! need some help

Answer: Dear need some help, You can "tone" your thighs and stomach by reducing your food intake and by exercising cardiovascularly (walking, biking, hiking, stair-climbing). The result is fat loss not only from your thighs and stomach, but everywhere else too because when you lose fat, you deflate all over your body. Reducing your food intake is a simple answer, much easier said than done. Bad habits are hard to break, but one really good way is to write in a journal whenever you have the urge to eat unnecessarily. If you have time, try to write 3 pages. This will get your subconscious talking to you, will help you address and deal with issues in your life that get ignored when you substitute eating for emotional flushing. As you get to know yourself better, you'll become familiar with the feeling of being hungry. Starting now, don't eat again until you feel hunger. It may be a couple of hours and it may not be until tomorrow sometime. When you finally feel hungry, think about what you feel like having, and eat it until you feel satiated. Then stop and brush your teeth to signal to your body that you're through with your meal.. Food tastes better when your body is calling for it. You'll feel physically and emotionally in control.

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