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Exercising while Pregnant Dos and Don'ts

Question: I just found out that I am pregnant! This will be our first! I am only a month along and feel fine. From what I have been reading it is okay to continue with any program that I was doing before I got pregnant (aerobics - step and floor and some weight training). As my pregnancy progresses, do you have any suggestions for keeping in shape? I've heard that this makes labor easier and that you can bounce back into shape easier after your child is born. Carrie

Answer: Carrie, Congratulations! I'm pregnant, too, by the way. Although you can continue your pre-pregnancy exercise program, you may not feel like it. Stop exercising before you even start to feel tired. Be sure to keep your heart rate under 150 bpm. I've read that exercising doesn't really help or hurt in labor, but it will definitely make getting back in shape easier after your child comes.

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