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Fitness Competitor Diet Tips

Question: I have a female friend who is desperate to hit the right nutrition base to bring her physique to the final stage. She is in great shape but needs to know some nutrition tips for energy and maximum gains toward her goal. She is in pursuit of a fitness competitor body. I truly would like to help her because she works so hard and has actually achieved great success but isn't quite there and we both feel it's the nutrition part of this venture that she is lacking. too much in love

Answer: Dear too much, My basic advice on nutrition holds for people at all fitness levels. You can check out the nutrition articles in my Articles section for a start. Also see some of my responses below. Competitors (especially females) only have "that body" when they're in competition: just a few months of each year in most cases. It's rare they stay in perfect shape all the time. A good goal would be to simply focus on eating healthfully, exercising regularly, and varying your routine to keep it interesting.

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