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Fresh Workout Ideas

Keeping It Fresh

It's easy to punch the snooze alarm or skip the gym and head home after work. Usually, you make it through the day anyway…but imagine what your day would have been like if you'd just dragged yourself out of bed earlier.

This lack of interest in your exercise routine is probably a result of workout stagnation. You're bored!

Here are some ways to keep your workout fresh:

  1. Instead of doing your regular cardiovascular workout, go swimming. Kickboard workouts can put new spark in your routine and shape your butt and legs nicely meanwhile.
  2. Instead of beating yourself up with weights 3 days a week, go to a yoga class. Substitute one weights workout per week with yoga, and you'll balance your muscle strength and calm your head at the same time. I'd guarantee you'll be happy you did it, if I was selling something I could guarantee. So you'll have to trust me on this one.
  3. Over the weekend, get a few friends together for a day hike. Everyone has to bring 1 item for lunch to share, water to drink, and a juicy topic to discuss. Groups of 5 are perfect for this.
  4. Vary your sets and reps. For example – Instead of doing squats: 50 pounds, 10 reps, 3 sets, change your routine to 30 pounds, 20 slow reps, 2 sets, plus 20 step ups. Put variety in your workout and you'll be more likely to look forward to going to the gym.
  5. Take a day off from exercise and don't feel guilty about it. Meet a friend for coffee instead.
  6. Make a personal mini-boot camp. Plan a week's worth of workouts on Sunday (remember variety from day to day) and vow to stick to your plan. Reward yourself at the end of the week with a massage or a new outfit you love.
  7. If you strength train in a gym, ask a friend to join you and alternate machines. Pick 2 machines for different body parts, and switch 3 times. Then go on to the next 2 exercises. You won't lose count of how many sets you've done, and this will keep you moving through the rest of the workout. Spend 2 minutes at each machine and don't stop to chat too much.
  8. Take an indoor rock-climbing class.
  9. Climb a skyscraper. (Take the stairs.)
  10. . Buy something nice to exercise in…something you feel and look great in.

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