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Senior Exercise Programs
For Health and Fitness
By Georgie Mygrant
Do you know who needs exercise, probably more than the average person?  Older folks -- the ones we call "Senior Citizens". Many of these people probably wouldn't admit it, but their bodies crave some exercise. We have all these muscles that want to be used and the biggest majority of us  just don't use them. You can be sure that the Seniors are at the top of the list for not using their muscles. There're plenty of them out there who would do exercise, however, if they had somewhere to go. It just may be you that they're waiting for!

What Can I Do?
Have you ever thought of starting a "Seniors" exercise class? Why not try one! Here are a few hints to get you started on your way. First of all, you must find the right music for your audience. Seniors frequently like the "Golden Oldies" music. You can get it through any Aerobics Music Company, such as Power Music, Muscle Mix Music, Sports Music, Pro Motion Music, etc.   Second, figure out some reasonably easy moves for them to do along with the music. Almost all "professional" aerobics music nowadays comes with a perfect 32 count, so, the hard part is done for you. Just try to keep the BPM, between 126 and 134.  Older people frequently have flexibility and coordination problems due to disuse.  If you try to get them to move too quickly, you'll lose them; they'll feel frustrated, and you won't see them again.  Take your time!

How About Routines?
As for the routines, you can do wonders with the Basic Step, (step R., touch L. , step L., touch R.). After you do that for a while, you can add a hamstring kick, R/L. Then take 2 Basic's R and back L. You can use your imagination, and create all kinds of changes. Next walk forward 4 counts, and back 4 counts. Add kicks, knee ups , basics or anything extra to it. Last but not least, is the simple Grapevine R., 4 counts and back L. 4 counts. Again, you can add whatever you want to make it more challenging for them. Just with these simple moves, you can construct a whole hour class, with a few changes here and there.

Who Will Come?
Once you've gotten program together, you're ready to advertise for your class. But, most important, make sure you state that it's for women and MEN!  Many men seem to think that they don't need any exercise. That might be one of the reasons why women frequently live longer than men.  It's general knowledge that older women tend to do more structured exercise than older men. So, always try to include the men in your classes.  Hey, if you guys don't exercise, there won't be enough men left for all us women!  :-)

That's all for now!  Good luck on your "Seniors Adventure", and keep me posted on your results.

Georgie Mygrant

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