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Senior Workout
Fitness Over 40 and 50
By Georgie Mygrant

For this session,  we'll be down on the floor for some real leg work.  If they want more intensity than the un-weighted workout provides, they may hold a light to medium-weight dumbbell against the working leg, just above the knee.  Don't allow them to use ankle weights,  as the stresses against the knee can be high.   We'll start on our L side,  with both legs bent and the body in a straight line.  They can either lay down, with their head resting in their arms, or up on their elbows, with their back nice and straight.  You have to watch them closely to make sure that they don't sag down during the exercise.  I like to keep them down all the way.  For the first move,  have them raise the top leg up, about 10 inches or so and back down.  Lets do this for 8 or 16x.,  Now,  straighten the top leg out and lift it, about a foot from the floor,  not touching the floor during the 8 or 16x.  By this time, they should be yelling at you.  For a different move,  have them bring the top leg into the chest and back out for 8 or 16x.   Last, but not least,  have them drop the top leg to the floor in front of the other leg.  Straighten out the bottom leg, and lift it up as high as they can, without touching the floor. for 16 or 32x.  Now,  flip them over to the R. side and repeat all of this on that leg.  Isn't this fun??

If their up to it, after they finish that,  roll them over to their backs for some great inner-thigh work.  Raise legs up to ceiling and spread them out and in for 8 or 16x.  Now, leave them out and pulse them for 32 counts.  Bring them back in and spread them again.  It seems like no one ever likes this exercise,  but, it's about the best one for the inner-thigh (unless you have BodyBars or clones of same handy! Ed.).

Now,  since they're on their backs and yelling at you,  let's keep them mad and kill their abdominals. too.    Lets start with some good old Crunches.   Have their hands on their shoulders, knees bent with feet on the floor.  Now, very slowly raise their head and shoulders up off the floor, and back down slowly.  Make sure they don't have a tendency to drive the chin into the chest, tell them to pretend they're holding an egg under their chin!  Do this for 8x.  Now, this time, have them twist their R. shoulder to the L., 8x, then their L. shoulder to the R. 8x.  Repeat the Crunches for 8x , then lay their head back to the floor.  Are we having fun yet??  Now, straighten out the R. leg,  and raise it to the height of the left knee and back down.  Keeping the abdominals. sucked in while doing this.  8x.  Repeat on the L. 8x.  This time, bring the R. knee into the chest and back out, 8x, then on the L. 8x.   Now,  for the killer.  With both knees bent and your knees up to the chest,  drop the toes to the floor and back up.  This exercise will generally be felt at the lower attachment of the rectus abdominis, and if they're doing it right,  they will feel it there.  Do this for 8x.  It's very important for you to tell them the correct way to breath during their abdominal. workout.  Make sure that they always exhale during the exertion, inhale coming back.  When you do the crunches, exhale going up, inhale coming down.    Keep expressing this during the workout.  In fact,  during the whole class. 


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