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Get Lean Quick

14 Day Diet, Workout and Supplements
A quick and healthy way to lose weight for an upcoming event or vacation, the New Get Lean Quick 14 Day Weight Loss Kit is a safe and effective approach to weight loss that was developed by our team of nutritionists, fitness trainers and health professionals. It was designed to be; nutritionally sound, easy to understand and follow, effective in maintaining muscle mass, beneficial in burning fat and a positive experience. The New Get Lean Quick 14 Day Weight Loss Kit is comprised of three integral components - diet, exercise and supplements.

The Formula Component consists of 2 complexes designed to ensure the body has the correct nutrients at the correct time. Get Lean Quick nutritional formulations contain the latest nutrients including:

Get Lean Quick's AM Formula - Helps boost your metabolism to burn more calories and fat, while giving you energy and controling your hunger and cravings.

Get Lean Quick's PM Formula - Helps you continue to burn fat even while you sleep. It will also help you to shed unwanted water weight and bloat and even has natural herbs to help you sleep better.

The Menu Component is an easy to understand, yet effective 14 day menu. It was developed by our nutritionists with extensive experience in developing weight loss programs so the program not only helps to get results, but it is also nutritionally sound. The Exercise Component was developed by our fitness experts to fit any individual's activity level and to keep them motivated.

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