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Getting Rid of Fat on My Sides

Question: Hi. I'm 18 years old and 120 pounds. I used to have a tight stomach, but now I'm gaining a little weight also in my hip area as I develop. I'm getting fat on my sides. I'm wondering how to get rid of this. I'm thinking cruches, but how many? and how often do I do them? and if I run on a treadmill, will that help exercise my butt and inner thighs? Thanks a lot, Alexis

Answer: Alexis, Running on a treadmill and eating the right amount of the right foods will be good habits to start at your age. The weight will come off naturally if you do these things, but focus more on starting and keeping these habits, instead of losing weight. This will keep you thinking healthfully about it, instead of obsessing. Crunches won't really do much by themselves. Strength training your whole body is more beneficial -- since you can't just lose fat from one area (spot reduce).

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