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Getting Sick After Exercise

Question: My question is - whenever I start to exercise, I do great for about 2-3 weeks then I get sick, then I quit for 2 weeks and get better. Then it starts all over again. I can never get ahead, I'm slowly gaining and losing muscle. This has happened for years and no one seems to know the answer. Debbi

Answer: Dear Debbi, It sounds like you may be exercising too hard, because it's common for your immune system to become weakened by overdoing it. At first, try working out only two days per week -- one set per muscle group. Do cardiovascular work on off days. Also try heart rate monitor training to accurately keep an eye on your intensity. It's also a fun way to work out and keeps you inspired. Since this has been a long term problem for you, the answer may be more psychological than physical. Sometimes people subconsciously reject the progress they're making physically because of something more deeply rooted. I don't know about you personally and only a professional can make that evaluation, but it may be a route for you to explore. I hope this helps you. Best wishes for a long-lasting fitness program.

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