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Group Strength Training

How to Conduct Group Strength Training Workouts

There are some good reasons to set up a group strength workout because it will enhance motivation and definitely increase the effort put into the individual movements selected, which will foster camaraderie between the participants. The advantage of group strength training workouts is that they can be constantly changed and updated to avoid boredom.

Setting up individual exercise stations or creating a strength circuit will be easier when equipment available is limited because you can set up a different movement to be done at each station you create. Assigning specific exercises that need to be done at different locations or other pieces of equipment will allow you to monitor the progress of the group and/or individual doing the movements.

Depending on the amount of people in the group, or the equipment used, you should write down the reps and weight selected or the time spent at each station. Super-setting, or pairing up the different strength exercises, can also create a very time-efficient workout.

If you select two different exercises targeting the opposing muscle groups and doing a super-set like pushups and super-setting with pull-ups, you’ll increase the intensity of the workout. But supersets can just as easily be set up for targeting the same muscle like D/B chest press with incline D/B chest fly.

Depending on the size of the group in your strength training class, some of the group members will want to move a lot quicker while others prefer to take their time doing the movements slower. Setting up a self-paced workout would help, simply design a circuit with different reps at each station and then place a time limit on completing the circuit.

Another option is to create a workout allowing the individual group members pair up with a partner. Instead of needing to anchor a resistance band to some stationary object, you can get one partner to hold the band while his/her partner does the exercise.

It is strongly advised that you first do basic movements when starting any group strength training so that you can see their ability to master these easy to understand compound moves like squats, lunges, rows or chest presses. The options are endless when setting up a circuit like this. For example, you could have the participants concentrate on the eccentric phase by slowing down when doing the lengthening phase of a movement.

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