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Ten Simple Rules of Gym Etiquette

1. Be polite, the gym is a shared resource.

2. Be tidy, put your weights in the correct place on the racks when you're done using them. Wipe the equipment down if you've left a wet spot. If you change the "handle" on a piece of cable equipment, put the "old" one back on the rack, don't just throw it on the floor.

3. Be thoughtful, if you see a lot of weight, a towel, or a water bottle sitting on a piece of equipment, assume someone is using it. Wait and ask if you can work in. Then, if the equipment is unattended for more than 3 minutes, you can go ahead and work in, but be prepared to share.

4. Be generous, let people work in with you. The only acceptable reasons for not sharing are:

a) A big difference in the weight or adjustment of the machine.
b) You're about to start your next set, but then you share the machine immediately afterward.
c) Identical equipment is sitting unused.

5. Be patient, don't interrupt someone when they're lifting. Wait until they finish their set. Don't stare at them while you wait.

6. Be efficient if you ask to work in. Get your set done and make room for the other person. If you adjust the machine for your workout, put it back when you're done with your set. Hopefully, the other person will be just as courteous. Don't work in if you plan to do 100 rep sets, or other schemes that take a long time to complete without breaks.

7. Be wise, use equipment for what it's designed for. Don't use the squat/power racks for curls unless you can curl more than 135lbs (75 Kilos) with strict form. In general, they're for big amounts of weight for big movements. (squats, deadlifts,

8. Be discreet, don't offer unsolicited advice. You may know what you are doing, but don't assume you know what they're doing. If they want to know, they'll ask.

9. Be courteous, don't waste a piece of equipment by socializing on it. If you want to chat, finish the exercise, clean it up, and chat somewhere else.

10. Be attentive, when doing dumbell/barbell exercises, leave space so that other people can approach the weight rack and get the equipment they need.

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