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Healthy Eating Tips

The word "diet," instead of its original meaning -- "the food and drink regularly consumed" -- has taken on the meaning "to eat according to prescribed rules."

Today's diets have taken the enjoyment out of eating and replaced it with guilt and obsession. People are more confused than ever about weight loss.

The more weight-obsessed we are, the less we lose.

I want to show you how to focus on your natural internal hunger control. I've studied just about every popular diet plan out there. And I could teach you exactly how to make them work. By their standards.

However, giving in to the health-for-profit market is just throwing your hands up in the air and saying, "I give up. I refuse to trust my own instincts. Iím only satisfied when I can live without my favorite foods. Then life will be worth focusing on again."

"Success" on those plans comes when you donít cheat on their rules too much, so you shrink a little and possibly stay that way for awhile. But then you just puff back up once you get off the program. Then you switch to another diet that tells you if you eat one thing or another, in a certain way, at a particular time of day, then you will be ok.

But why change your food, when the focus should be on change in yourself?

Your body has a built-in gauge which lets you know when its running out of gas. This way you donít get too much or too little. So eat what you want...when you want it.

The first step is learning to slow down and pay attention. These suggestions should help you as you get to know yourself a little better:

Listen to your bodyís signals. Put thought into what you choose to eat. Make healthy choices and consider how you feel physically in the next few hours. This gets you in touch with your bodyís natural hunger and thirst signals.

Your body tells you what it needs. You just have to know what to listen for.
It may take a couple of hours, or it could be tomorrow before you feel your first real hunger. Eat until you feel satisfied, not full. Then stop, brush your teeth and go on with your day.  When you feel truly hungry again, eat. You will start to crave healthier foods naturally, the kinds of food your body needs, so keep it available around the house.

If you're trying to lose weight, first make sure you're eating enough for complete nourishment before you cut down on your food intake.

Eat slowly and sip water as you eat what you think sounds good. If you have nothing healthy to eat, stopping off at McDonaldís is lots easier. So eat it if you need it, but make sure your stomach signals hunger. Enjoy it and donít feel guilty, but remember to stop when the hunger is gone.

Thatís simple enough.

If you eat what you "want" when youíre not hungry, then it doesnít work.

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