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Heart Rate Zones for Marathon Training

Question: Great website! My details: Male, 34 yrs old, 6'1" tall, been running for 15 years, weight 196 lbs (should be 170), have completed 42 marathons (best time 3:28:00 - run 6 yrs ago). My question: What percentage of my weekly training should I spend in the different heart rate zones? Recently purchased heart rate monitor with PC download software. Immediate goal is weight loss and aerobic activity, but am planning on running a marathon in June, my first in two years. Gary

Answer: Gary, There are no official guidelines for the percentage of time you should spend in heart rate zones. With the goals you have of weight loss and running a marathon, I would recommend: Zone 2 - 30% Zone 3 - 55% Zone 4 - 10% Zone 5 - 5% Most importantly, you need to monitor your recovery by tracking your resting heart rate. If it's 5 - 10 beats per minute higher than usual, take it easy that day, even if you planned a hard workout.

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