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Great herbs out there that can preserve your general wellbeing

It’s literally impossible to make a meal – regardless of how simple it is – extraordinary without adding some green, fresh herbs. Some of the most aromatic, flavored, and healthy can be easily grown in your kitchen. Others, are easy to find in stores. Full of flavor and packed with health benefits, herbs are delightful when preparing meals. Successful cooking is all about seasoning the food; if you do it right, you can make even the most trivial dish taste unbelievable. Here are 5 of the most important culinary herbs you might want to add to your cooking to help you stay healthy and energized.


1.      Basil

Renowned for sweet flavor, basil is a hero herb used in many dishes across international cuisines. Its aroma is enticing, and the fresher the leaves the healthier and aromatic the dishes. Basil has a special flagrance many people adore. There are several types you can use in your meal preparation: lemon basil, sweet basil, holy and thai basil (which has a mint-like flavor). As for the health benefits this herb provides, we should mention that it is packed with antioxidants, might help control blood pressure, and ensures that the right amount of oxygen is carried to the blood cells. Use it to make pesto sauce, add it to your margarita pizza, or sprinkle it on your tomato soup to reap all the health benefits.

2.      Parsley

Parsley is yet another excellent herb that gets it name from the Greeks. Used for garnishing dishes rather than flavor, parsley has a dark green color and a stubby stems. It is best served fresh; sprinkled over a dish with a few minutes prior to serving. Thanks to its aroma, parley compels the taste buds and gives a fresh scent to lots of dishes, including buttered potatoes, grilled lemon trout, pesto sauce, steak, and steamed vegetables. There are two main types of parsley: curly (which has a slightly more bitter taste, and is commonly used in salads and soups), and Italian (which is very commonly used fresh over all kinds of Mediterranean dishes). In terms of health benefits, parsley is an excellent mouth freshener; it helps balance digestion, it has lots of vitamins C and A, and it might even improve irregular menstrual cycles.


3.      Thyme

Thyme is a type of herb that releases a pungent, strong flavor extremely slowly. This makes it ideal in a myriad of Italian and Mediterranean recipes. Thyme can be used when sautéing or stewing a dish, but it can also be added to soups, eggs and salads. What’s great about this herb is that it comes in over 60 different varieties. Three are the most common – Garden thyme, lemon and orange thyme. The herb has potent antiseptic properties, and it may help treat dry coughs and throat infections when consumed with tea. It is also an excellent source of fiber. Most common dishes that can be cooked with thyme are grilled chicken breast, roast salmon with spices, and grilled potatoes.

4.      Rosemary

Rosemary is a woody, firm type of herb with needle like leaves and a bittersweet/lemony taste. Popular across dishes that are stuffed but also in dressing, rosemary is used when cooking lamb meat, fruit salads, and veggie platters. The soothing aroma of rosemary is an excellent mood elevator; it is also an all-natural remedy against migraines and it also has antioxidant properties that help build immunity and fight infections.


5.      Mint

Mint is one of the world’s most famous herbs. Commonly used fresh, mint has lots of health benefits. It can also be stored dry in a kitchen cabinet for months without losing its properties. The core ingredient is menthol, which has a specific flavor and aroma. The leaves give various dishes a unique flavor. Many courses, appetizers, cocktails and desserts use mint as their star ingredient. Add fresh leaves to your lemonade, soup, tea, or cocktail and reap all the benefits this herb has. Mint is known to cure all kinds of stomach aches; it eliminates toxins and diminishes irregular bowl syndrome.

There are lots of great herbs out there that can preserve your genera wellbeing. From fresh basil to thyme, mint, and even clover tablets, chooses the ones that best match with your tastes.

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