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How Come I Gained Weight from Exercise

Question: I gained 5 lbs in 10 days of weight lifting and fitness classes. I am 40 lbs over my ideal weight. I admit that I have not paid much attention to dieting, but I didn't expect to gain weight when I worked my rear off for the last couple weeks! What's wrong? Cassandra

Answer: Cassandra, It's hard for me to know for sure why you've gained weight, but my guess is that you need to pay more attention to your diet. Even though you're exercising, if you eat more calories than you need, then the excess will be stored as fat. Also, stop weighing for a while and instead measure your success by how your clothes fit and how you feel about making positive changes in your life. Take a look at the Articles section of this site for information on healthy eating, serving sizes, and how many calories you need every day.

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