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How Long to Tone Flabby Arms

Question: Does it take very long to get flabby arms in good condition? Also, I don't seem to have a lot of time to exercise. Is there a program out there that you can do that is not very long, but you can still benefit from it? b.c.

Answer: Dear b.c., You can build your arm muscles through strength training which will add size to the muscle, but what's most important in making arms not flabby anymore is to burn the fat off that's covering them through cardiovascular exercise (walking, biking, swimming, stairs, etc.). When you exercise cardiovascularly, you don't only burn off the fat on your arms, you "deflate" your body all over. Most importantly, your food intake will have a great impact on fat loss. The time it takes is not that much if you consistently do it. If you're just beginning to exercise, a twenty minute brisk walk every day will give you good results. Then you can increase time and intensity as your body gets stronger and your schedule allows.

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