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How Many Days a Week Should Abs be Worked

Question: I just love your web site! I am a confused person when it comes to nutrition and exercise, and you have taught me several great things. I would like to ask one question: How many days a week max should you work your abs (just crunches)? Thank you! April

Answer: Dear April, You should do abs work at least three days per week, and you can safely work your abs every day, if you so desire. I'll tell you one thing that's even better than doing crunches -- as you sit there at your computer, sit up straight and think of making yourself about an inch taller by stretching your spine upward. You should feel your abs, including your lower abs, being activated. Now if you can maintain this posture, you will be training your abs functionally. You can do this while you're driving or walking or sitting or whenever. A lot of people go to the gym and just do tons of crunches, thinking that's going to benefit them the most, but spend the rest of their time slouching and letting their abs flop around. Your abs are there to support your torso in perfect posture. So mom was right - sit up straight! :-)

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