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How to Diet when Working Night Shift

Question: I work nights (12 hrs) and it is hard to stay on track with good nutrition and exercise. What is best to eat when upon waking at 3:00 in the afternoon, since your metabolism slows after 6pm? What is best to eat through out the night to keep me energized all night? It is also hard to have a exercise routine. I am trying to lose weight but it is really hard with the weird work schedule. I could use some of your ideas. Thanks, Cindy

Answer: Cindy, Just eat normal regular meals. When you wake up, even though it's in the afternoon, eat breakfast (it doesn't have to be breakfast food if you don't want); four hours or so later, have "lunch"; and dinner a few hours after that. Your "metabolism" isn't determined by the time of day, but by your own personal activity level. It's hard for anyone who works twelve hours to have an exercise routine. You just have to prioritize exercise in your free time. You may be able to find ways to sneak in a little exercise at work as well (taking short walks, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, biking to work, etc.). It all adds up.

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