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How to Gain Weight for Women

Question: Unlike most of your respondents, I need to gain weight. I am a busy mother of 2 and have been svelt my entire life (5ft 6, 112 lbs). I am interested in bulking up and have been doing some weight lifting, but I see that it will be a lengthy process. I would like to put on a few pounds, but don't want to add "blubber", if you will. Any advice you have would be appreciated! Lean and mean Mom

Answer: Dear Lean and mean Mom, Make sure you're eating enough -- at least three meals per day, plus a couple of snacks. Consistency with your weight training will make the most difference -- three times per week will give you best results -- and make sure you're hitting all the major muscle groups, so your physique will be balanced. Since you have longer limbs than most women, gaining mass will be more of a challenge for you, but it can be done.

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