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How to Get a Tight Tummy

Question: hi i would like to no how to get a tight tummy im 15 and i weigh 150 i would like to weigh at least 130 thats my goal....is there anything u could tell me or help me with i need to no what i have to do to lose those extra pounds....but i really need help with my thighs....arms ....and tummy!!!! please help me ....ur my last hope because i really dont no where elts to turn!!!thank you so much!!i hope u can help me please wright back soon thanks!

Answer: Hi! Do something active every day, (walking, biking, rollerblading, hiking) especially during times of the day when you are bored or feeling down or frustrated. This would help you feel so much better in your head, which is really most important. A side effect of consistent exercise will be a healthier-feeling body. You may not lose weight in the first week or so, but you will feel good and your body will change if you do it all the time. Ask a friend to do it with you, and it'll be easier and more fun to stick with.

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