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How to Get Bigger Toned Calves

Question: My wife has skinny legs. She is very envious of women who have fit and toned legs (she wants to be able to wear miniskirts and look good in them). She's especially wants to have bigger, toned calves and ankles. Her skinny calves and ankles make her feet look big, in her opinion. The rest of her body is fine. We are a young couple without a lot of money to spend. Do you have any suggestions? Please? Thanks. Warren

Answer: Warren, The best way to build muscle in your legs would be to join a gym close to your home and use their weight machines (leg press, calf raises, hamstring curls, lunges). If a gym membership is beyond your budget, an inexpensive way to target those areas is at the in-home workout page in the Articles section of this site. For best results, include your upper body in your strength training program for a more balanced physique that would also be less prone to injury.

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