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How to Get Leg Muscle Definition

Question: I have slender legs, but I would like to give my quads more definition and the same with my hamstrings. I don't want to bulk up, just some definition. What exercises would you recommend? And should I do low weight, high reps? How many sets? Barbara

Answer: Barbara, I recommend you do leg extensions, hamstring curls, leg press, squats and lunges. On the first four do 10-12 reps at a weight that makes the last three reps difficult, but still in good form, three sets each. With lunges, lunge the length of the gym (approx. 25 yards) three laps, resting in between by moving to another exercise. Definition is a result of "toned" muscles, along with loss of fat that covers the muscles, so lots of cardio will help, too. Most importantly, stretching must be included to keep your legs long, lean and injury-free. If you don't, you will pay dearly.

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