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How to Get Muscle Definition Without Bulk

Question: I work out with weights on a regular basis (in addition to running). Although I love the feeling of being strong, I would love to see more definition in my body without looking too "buff." Should I use lighter weights and more reps or heavier weights and fewer reps? Karen

Answer: Karen, It's harder for women to bulk up, but lighter weights and more reps will keep your muscles from gaining more size than you would want. But still work to muscle fatigue -- by high reps, I mean 20 to 40. In addition to changing your weights workout, double-check what you're eating. By cutting down on white flour products, like bread, or any other refined foods, you can see a big difference in your definition. You can also increase the time you spend running. Make some runs higher in intensity and some higher in distance. Weekends are good times for these special workouts. Training with a heart rate monitor can give you amazing results. You can read more about HRM training in the Articles section of this site.

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