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How to Get Rid of Upper Body Fat

Question: Your website is amazing and truly helpful. I have a lot of upper body fat especially on my back. I would desperately like to lose this fat. I swim twice a week for 1.5 hours and I am seeing results from around my shoulders. I want to lose the fat from my mid body and back. If I do cardio then I lose weight from my legs which are really skinny. I would like to know which exercises may target my back and middle. Thanks in advance. DB

Answer: DB, Any cardiovascular exercise reduces fat from your whole body regardless of which major muscle groups are being used primarily in the exercise. Running decreases fat not only from your legs, but from your arms, back, stomach, and everywhere else. Each person's body decides where it loses the fat from the most; and yours apparently does so from the legs. If you keep the cardio up, the weight will come off from the areas you're concerned about. Strength training your leg muscles will keep them from looking too skinny. But also strength train the rest of your body for balance and to increase your metabolism.

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